Inside the $350 million Sustainable City in Dubai

The city features driverless electric cars, greenhouses, urban farms and solar-powered villas

The Sustainable City is a 46 hectare, net zero energy development conceived by Dubai-based Diamond Developers.

Situated on the Al Qudra road in Dubai, the development is the first of its kind in the region. It includes 500, solar powered villas, 89 apartments and a mixed use area consisting of offices, retail, healthcare facilities, a nursery and restaurants. Phase 2 of the development will include a hotel, school and innovation center.

In the video courtesy CNN, we see how the development blends together a plethora of sustainable and energy efficient systems placing recycling and re-use at the core of its design. From urban farming to waste water recycling and even construction waste reused to create furniture in the public spaces, the city earns its name. Sustainable city is also designed as a predominantly car-free site with the exception of periphery roads and car parking areas. The parking areas feature an array of car ports roofed with solar panels that are connected to an electrical grid to supply energy into different sections of the city. Besides the solar panels placed on the roofs of each of the city’s 500 villas, they are also finished with reflective paint to reduce thermal heat gain within the homes.

Want to see what its like inside one of the city’s villas? Check out this video

Key elements of the City include:

  • a residential area of 500 townhouses and courtyard villas inspired by Dubai’s old Bastakiya district
  • 11 natural ‘biodome’ greenhouses, organic farm and individual garden farms for local food production that use a passive cooling method with fans and pads.
  • 10 MW peak solar production
  • waste water recycling, with segregated drainage for greywater and blackwater using papyrus as a biofilter
  • biking and shaded jogging trails
  • charging stations for electric cars
  • an equestrian centre

You can find out more about the city in this article on business insider and also get an in depth walk through of the city courtesy the fully charged show.

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