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Livin Spaces Jobs is a job platform catering to employment opportunities in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering Industry. Employers within the industry can post job ads and be sure the right people get to see them, while professionals can search for a new place to build their careers and add value.


Targeted, Relevant and Effective

Your job listings are effective as it puts them right in front of a targeted pool of relevant, specialised and higher quality candidates on demand.


Why Livin Spaces Jobs

Targeted Audience

As a niche job platform, we cut through the clutter of generic job sites, putting your job listing(s) right in front of the people you are looking for, saving you time and ensuring a more effective hiring process.  

Relevant & Higher Quality of Hire

With our targeted audience, you get access to higher quality and most relevant applications, as our position as a unique job platform attracts candidates with specialised skills and up to date experience.

Lower Cost to Fill

In addition to our competitive rates, our targeted approach ensures your vacancies are filled faster, leading to a lower cost to fill and a greater return on investment.

Saves Time

Hiring through Livin Spaces Jobs gives you access to relevant candidates saving you time from sorting through irrelevant applications as may occur in a generic job site. In addition to this, candidates respond faster to your listings, as they are also saved the hassle of sorting through irrelevant vacancies as our platform brings the jobs directly to them.


Brands We’ve Worked With 

We’ve worked with a diverse number of brands within the Architecture Engineering and Construction industry to build the right team – from architecture firms, construction companies to interior design brands, architecture research institutes and many more. Join them in taking advantage of what our platform has to offer.


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