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Livin Spaces Jobs Shortlist is a custom hiring solution created for companies who want to hire top quality candidates while they focus on their business.


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The Shortlisting process is designed to be both convenient and time saving for you – as we carry out both the pre-listing and post-listing process for you.


Pre-listing & Post-listing



The job listing process is done for you. We prepare a detailed job description for the position based on your requirements (if you don’t have one). Once approved, we list it for prospective applicants to start applying.



We receive the applications on your behalf and your inbox is free from distracting notifications. More time is saved as we evaluate the applications for you, and send you the top 5 candidates in 10 working days – all while you focus on running your business!


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85 000/position
  • All the benefits of a single job listing, with,
  • The job listing process done for you – including writing a detailed job description
  • More time saved as we evaluate applications for you – while you focus on running your business
  • We shortlist the best 5 candidates for you within 10 working days after your listing
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