10 Ways To Use Wallpaper To Jazz Up Your Home

Wallpaper is having a moment in interior design: statement walls are now a key feature of any fashionable abode, and from traditional pinstripes to bold patterns, all types of wallpaper are popular with today’s homeowners.

It might be require a little hard work and commitment to get it up, but well-done wallpaper creates a unique look for any property, so consider investing in hiring a professional to help you create an aesthetic that will be perfect for you and your personal sense of style. To make wallpaper work in any space, you need to use it in a bold and artistic way. Read on to find out 10 ways that you can make wallpaper work for you and create a space that you’ll be proud of.


Find A Pattern That Suits You

Patterned wallpaper is a bold option for those who really want to stand out. Wallpaper patterns come in a variety of different colours and styles, so no matter what you want from your room you’ll be able to create it if you select the right patterned wallpaper. This will make your room really stand out and give you the aesthetic you want, but it can be time consuming to keep re-papering your walls, so try to find a pattern that’s not just trendy, but that you really like and that will look good with your interior design ideas for years to come.

Use Wallpaper To Revitalise Old Furniture

Despite its name, wallpaper isn’t just for walls; you can also use it to bring old furniture back to life and make a really sweet statement piece. It can be time consuming to apply wallpaper to furniture, but the results will be worth it. Make sure that you put the effort into applying the paper properly and practice before you start on your main project so that the result is beautifully crafted. Use it on items like chests of drawers so that you can create a quirky design using multiple different patterns and papers.

Make Your Statement Wall Truly Unique

Statement walls are a great way to catch the eye of visitors and make your space really stand out. No more can a statement wall be just one colour; with so many influencers now using statement walls to stand out, today you need to create something incredible to set yourself apart. Map mural wallpapers, like this collection from Wallsauce which features some of the most popular designs, are memorable and inventive, and they come in lots of different colours and styles so you can create something that’s personal to you.

Match Your Wallpaper With Your Furnishings

Colour isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a wallpaper: you should also explore the textures available. From silk to velvet, there are many different fabric textures available in wallpaper, so you can find one that will synchronise with your furniture and add a touch of class to your space. If you have a statement piece of furniture, like a sofa or armchair, then you can match it to your wallpaper to really make the most of it and show its full potential. 

Create Cute Children’s Rooms With Patterned Paper

For nurseries and children’s bedrooms, patterned paper can create a sweet aesthetic without much hassle. You can paper one wall, or cover the entire space, depending on your tastes and the age of your children. If they’re going to grow out of liking a pattern in a year then consider just putting it on one wall, but if they’re small and want to have a certain theme in their room then indulge them and give them a space they’ll love. The range of children’s wallpaper options on offer is diverse and beautiful, with many different animals, patterns and colours to choose from, meaning that you and your little one can create a room they’ll cherish as they grow into artistic and creative adults.

Paper Your Walls In Pairs

If you’re looking to make a subtle statement in your room, then consider papering your walls in pairs, so that two walls match in one brighter colour or pattern, and the other are covered in a more neutral coloured paper. This is a creative way to show your flair and ingenuity, whilst at the same time ensuring that your walls go with any furniture or interior design style. If you use a darker, more striking paper on two of your walls then you’ll effectively have two statement walls, giving you double the chance to stand out and really show your flair for interior design.

Putting Wallpaper On The Ceiling Can Make A Real Impact

For those who don’t want to use wallpaper on their walls, but instead want to find a creative place to put it, then the ceiling could be the perfect place for you. You’ll be able to make a difference to your space and create something that’s really different. Also, the ceiling will require less wallpaper than all four walls, meaning that you can afford to spend money on an expensive style that will turn your room into the stylish space of your dreams. If you choose the right wallpaper then you can even make your room look larger by papering your ceiling, so this option is great for those with small homes who want to make them appear spacious and grand.

Use Wallpaper As An Accent On Skirting Boards

Wallpaper can be overwhelming and too bold for some people’s taste, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate it into your home. Use it to cover your skirting boards and turn these functional fixtures into a cute detail that will accentuate your room. Something subtle like a little gold detailing will go a long way and really make a difference to your home. You could also use it in other small spaces, like around your doors, light switches or along the running board of your room to add a small hint of creativity to an otherwise plain space.

Replace Paint With Block Coloured Wallpaper

Another great use for wallpaper is to use a block coloured paper to create a striking look. You might think that it’s easier to just paint a room than to use wallpaper, but this creative covering will give a bolder, deeper finish that really makes an impact on guests than ordinary paint. You can also find block patterned wallpaper that has specific finishes on it to really complete your look and give you a room that you can feel truly at home in.  

Wallpaper Isn’t Just For The Living Room

When you think of wallpaper, you usually think of the main room in a house, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Wallpaper can be used in every room of your house, from the hallway through to the bathroom. Look at the design of every room in your home and try to find a way to make it extra special. If you think that wallpaper can be used, then incorporate it to make the space really stand out and turn a drab room into a unique space that will impress everyone.

Using wallpaper in your home is a bold move, but if you follow these tips and incorporate your personal sense of style then you can create a unique look that suits you.

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