Spazio Ideale Design Forecast 2024: Shaping The Human Experience Through Design

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Award-winning Interior Design Firm, Spazio Ideale has released a Design Forecast Report for 2024.

This report looks beyond the trends and focuses on shaping the human experience and creating spaces that empower positive change. Here we highlight Four (4) out of the Six(6) major trends Spazio Ideale believes will shape the industry in 2024

“We believe that design can bridge complex challenges with empathetic solutions that can shape buildings and communities that not only endure but thrive in the face of uncertainty. This year’s forecast is all about realigning our focus on new ways to improve the lives of our clients through exceptional design and excellent execution”.

Tomi Olatunbode, CEO of Spazio Ideale

1. Increase in Awareness and Application of Sustainable Designs

In 2024, Spazio Ideale expects to see an increased focus on using recyclable materials, locally sourced furniture and energy-efficient lighting as the CEO of Spazio Ideale, Tomi Olatunbode predicts that sustainable design will no longer be an afterthought but become a prerequisite for every design project.

2. Shared Workspaces and ‘Hotelification’ of Workspaces

The post-pandemic effect has led to the rise of hybrid and remote work models and this in turn has led to the workspace becoming a place that inspires, values functionality and caters appropriately to different employee working preferences. There is a notable shift from traditional
designs to cost-effective and highly advanced work environments leading to the birth of ‘hotelification of workspaces’

3. Experience-Centric Design

Gone are the days when design solely focuses on visuals, In 2024 the narrative shifts towards a more experience-centric approach ultimately leading to a growing demand for ‘experience

4. Biophilic Designs

In 2023, plant-obsessed millennials and GenZs understood the importance of infusing natural elements with our living and working spaces long before it became popular among startup companies. Biophilic designs have moved from just a trend to more of a movement, expect to see this movement invade your space with vibrant bursts of greenery in 2024.

About Spazio Ideale

Spazio Ideale is a multidisciplinary, full-service interior design firm dedicated to connecting people to spaces through Creative Design, Experiential Spaces, and Excellent Execution.
Spazio Ideale has helped the following companies achieve experiential and creative spaces: Fourpoints by Sheraton, Ernst & Young (EY), Paystack (Old & New HQ), Kuda, Branch, AltSchool, Heritage Bank, Sterling Bank, Reliance HMO, Techpoint, Sofresh, Bukkahut, etc. Spazio Ideale has been recognized globally, including with a prestigious award from the International Design and Architecture Awards 2023 for best interior cooperate design.

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