A Modern Contemporary Office Design Project By Nigerian interior designer, Virviz Design

Explore This Modern Contemporary Office Design Project In Lagos By Virviz Design

  • Designer: Virviz Design
  • Project Type: Corporate
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

Virviz Design, a Nigerian interior designer created a modern contemporary office design that was photographed by Toby Oremuyiwa. With a balanced colour and texture scheme and functional layout, this design has created a suitable space for productive work.

The modern contemporary office layout is spacious and has a thoughtful arrangement. The first thing you see upon entering the space is a large black L-shaped desk that immediately draws your attention. Desks are often placed opposite entrance doors in offices to create a focal point, make a strong first impression, and facilitate better visibility and accessibility for greeting visitors.

Modern office interior with cladding TV wall.

To soften the space, the designer setup a contrasting casual seating arrangement opposite the bold desk. It comprises of two grey conversational accent seats that frame a minimalist glass-top coffee table, creating a less serious meeting area. To further complement this setup and infuse character, a feature wall was created behind the seats. It is adorned with long portrait wall pictures to add depth and visual interest to the modern contemporary office.

Grey single accent sofas with feature wall behind.
Modern office interior view from desk.

This space can be described as minimal because not only is it dominated by a monochromatic colour palette in shades of white, black, and grey, certain elements were simply done to provide function in the simplest ways. For example, the TV wall assisted in creating a cohesive backdrop by its simplicity. It features a wall clad in grained wood with the TV discreetly integrated into the cladding, contributing to the office’s overall modern aesthetic.

Modern office interior with cladding TV wall.

One notable architectural feature is the storage joinery near the bathroom door. This element combines closed storage compartments with fluted doors, accentuated by a well-lit mirror setup in between, showcasing a seamless blend of form and function and sharing the stage with the desk as the star of the space.

Storage in modern contemporary office by Virviz Design.
Modern contemporary office interior.

In conclusion, Virviz Design’s modern contemporary office design combines aesthetics with functionality. The spacious layout and bold desk create a professional atmosphere, while the casual seating and feature wall add character. With its minimalist style and thoughtful details, like the unique storage joinery, the design offers a balanced and productive workspace.

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