Tiles and Textures: The Latest Trends in Bathroom Design

Seen by some as a subordinate space in the house, the bathroom is often overlooked in processes surrounding design. Granted, the bathroom is not necessarily a room in which you’ll socialise or spend time with loved ones, yet the space can be utilised to improve the interior design of a property and offer a welcoming and relaxing space to unwind.

With some ingenious design techniques from interior architectural professionals, the bathroom space can be made to complement functionality with contemporary stylishness. As bathrooms are often limited in terms of space, the walls and floor become the featured points of focus. As such, it is no surprise that statement tiles and textured walls are in vogue. With advice from Mark Howorth, one of the leading luxury interior designers in London, we’ve compiled a list of stylish ways to inject some life into your bathroom’s design.


Metallic BathroomAn unusual feature in a residential setting, metallic wall coverings can create a luxurious effect in your home’s bathroom, and evoke senses of cleanliness and contemporaneity. From darker shades of bronze to glimmers of silver and gold, metallic wall coverings can complement any colour scheme, while adding a welcomed feel of glamour to your bathroom. Such a sleek texture is evocative of a futuristic design.


coloured tiledMake the bathroom a destination in your house; use boldly coloured tiles on the floor or walls to bring the space to life. Best complementing neutral tones, bright tiles can define the entire décor of the room. Whether covering entire surfaces in an arresting shade of yellow or strategically placing coloured tiles among white, your bathroom will exude character with this imaginative design.


patterned wallAngling for an industrial effect is popular with urban bathrooms, which seem to channel their environmental surroundings. Texture is key in an industrial bathroom: think smooth concrete, rough bricks or harsh metals. The effect is dramatic; your bathroom will feel modern and unique with the emphasised use of base materials.


wooden floorExposed wooden flooring creates a feeling of warmth and a return to nature, which is welcomed in a room that benefits from serenity. These sentiments can also be achieved from wooden wall coverings, but in moderation. Light wooden tones are less imposing than dark, while a smooth wooden texture is more comforting than rough.


patterned tilesPopular in exotic cultures, patterned tiles can bring a bland space to life by mesmerising the senses. Take inspiration from the design of yesteryear and create a feature of symmetrical, patterned tiles. Indulge guests in colour to create a memorable bathroom. While contemporary bathrooms of white and chrome and sleek and sophisticated, bathrooms that sport patterned tiles are more inviting and homely.

While each of these effects can be utilised simply in your home, an interior stylist can best implement designs to achieve the optimum effect.

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