Watch Insightful Documentary On The Abijo Mosque By PatrickWaheed Design Consultancy

Architect Adeyemo Shokunbi, a partner at PatrickWaheed Design Consultancy, delves into the journey behind the creation of the Abijo Mosque in Lagos, Nigeria. Originally conceived as an Islamic center, the project underwent significant evolution to become a contemporary mosque that seamlessly integrates cultural relevance with innovative design principles.

In the documentary, Shokunbi recounts the project’s inception in 2011 when the client, Crescent Bearers 1939 Lagos, initially approached the firm. Initially conceived as an Islamic center, the project’s direction shifted several years later when the clients sought a more modest design focusing solely on a mosque. This transition led to a reimagining of the architectural concept, with Shokunbi and his team embracing a more generic design philosophy.

Located within the Abijo GRA residential area in Lagos, the site presented unique challenges and opportunities. Shokunbi conducted a thorough site analysis to ensure its readiness for development. His design vision aimed to cater to the growing community’s needs, leading to a shift from the initial single-story bungalow concept to a multi-story building design.

Departing from traditional Islamic architectural elements such as domes and arches, Shokunbi adopted a contemporary design language for the Abijo Mosque. Collaborating with architect Abdurahman Haruna, the duo focused on creating a sacred space that honored Islamic traditions while reflecting the community’s aspirations.

A key aspect of Shokunbi’s approach was the integration of the mosque’s design with its surroundings. By utilizing locally sourced materials like laterite, the architecture pays homage to Nigeria’s cultural and environmental context while promoting sustainability. This thoughtful consideration resulted in a building that minimizes reliance on mechanical cooling systems, contributing to energy efficiency.

Upon entering the Abijo Mosque, visitors are greeted by a unique blend of traditional and modern design elements. From carefully crafted doors to intricate minarets and landscaped surroundings, every detail reflects Shokunbi’s commitment to excellence. Notably, the mosque features a Qibla orientation towards Mecca and a minaret, albeit with modern interpretations that depart from conventional mosque designs.

Despite facing challenges such as budget constraints and the logistical difficulties of the site, Shokunbi’s dedication to the project remained unwavering. The Abijo Mosque has garnered international acclaim, receiving nominations and awards from prestigious architectural organizations including a nomination for the Abdulatif Alfozan award. Its recognition underscores the significance of Shokunbi’s innovative approach to mosque design, which emphasizes Nigerian cultural identity, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

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