A Closer Look At This Sleek Modern Classic Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors

Nigerian Interior Designer, Serdamol Interiors, unveils a modern classic kitchen design that blends modern sleekness with classical elegance. Shared recently on their social page, this generously sized kitchen boasts a warm colour palette and sleek textures, offering a timeless appeal.

Central to the kitchen’s design, is a striking, veined, marble kitchen island, serving as a visual centrepiece and a functional hub. It has an embedded sink with a cylindrical range hood above the induction hub.

Sleek Modern classic Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors.

Complementing the waterfall island are clean white and wood cabinetry, which contributes to an atmosphere of openness and refinement. The inclusion of a Victorian-style door adds a touch of vintage charm, enhancing the modern classic kitchen’s character.

Sizable kitchen island with embedded sink and light detail.
Sleek Modern Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors.

A notable feature of Serdamol Interiors’ design is the glass cabinet see-through display, showcasing ceramic ware and cherished items. This thoughtful addition adds visual interest and reinforces the kitchen’s role as a focal point for gatherings and cherished moments.

See-through display for chinaware.
Sleek Modern Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors.
Sleek Modern Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors.
Sleek Modern Classic Kitchen By Serdamol Interiors.

In conclusion, Serdamol Interiors’ modern classic kitchen design demonstrates its successful attempt at blending contemporary aesthetics with classical elements. With its warm palette, sleek textures, and timeless allure, this kitchen promises to inspire creativity and elevate the ambience of any home.

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