Fuld Nesting Chair paired with table

Product Of The Day – The Fuld Nesting Chair By Stefan Diez for Herman Miller

  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 31.9 inches
    • Width: 26.2 inches
    • Depth: 20.9 inches
    • Seat Depth: 17.8 inches
    • Seat Height: 17.5 inches
    • Arm Height: 25.5 inches
  • Key Features:
    • Contoured seat and back for comfort
    • Wall-saving legs to prevent contact with walls
    • Easy nesting with flip-up seats
    • Monochromatic look with options for seat, seat-back, and leg colors
  • Material and Sustainability:
    • One-piece construction and tubular arms to reduce waste in production
    • 3D Knit textile made from 50% post-consumer recycled content, knitted to exact dimensions to minimize fabric waste
  • Optional Features:
    • Available in monochromatic or mix-and-match seat and back colors
    • Optional 3D Knit textile in various color choices
    • Choice of casters or glides for mobility

Herman Miller, an international furniture company, continues to push the boundaries with their latest addition, the Fuld Nesting Chair. Designed by German furniture designer, Stefan Diez, the Chair reimagines the concept of nesting chairs, offering a fresh take on not just how they function but also how they look and feel within a space.

Video sourced from Diez Office.

Upon first glance, the Fuld Nesting Chair distinguishes itself from the ordinary. Nesting chairs, designed for compact storage when not in use, have long been a staple of versatile seating solutions. However, Stefan Diez’s design for Herman Miller takes a bold departure from convention, replacing the typical X shape with an elegant inverted Y. This unique form not only adds a touch of modernity but also enhances the chair’s stability and aesthetic appeal.

Herman Miller's Fuld Nesting Chair paired with table.

“The collaboration with Herman Miller never feels like it’s driven by constraints, but driven more by an idea. It’s clear what we’re working for: The product that comes out from the process is not a product that is a compromise, and that’s what I love.”

Stefan Diez

The Chair incorporates tubular arms and a back with a slight flex, ensuring that comfort is not compromised. Whether you’re shifting in your seat during a meeting or lecture, the Nesting Chair effortlessly accommodates, providing the required level of comfort.

The Fuld Nesting Chair was born from the idea of reimagining space efficiency in a way that blends seamlessly with the evolving needs of modern environments. The chair’s flip-up seats and wall-saving legs ensure that it nestles together easily, saving valuable space when not in use. In the world of interior design, adaptability is paramount, and the Fuld Nesting Chair is a testament to that philosophy.

These chairs are not just practical; they are also stylish. When not in use, the Nesting Chair retains its visual appeal, proving that functionality can coexist with aesthetics. Whether stored in the open or brought out for various occasions, the chair’s unique lines and its availability in monochromatic or multicolor options enliven any space.

Array of white Fuld Nesting Chairs
Nestled arrangement of the chairs.

Stefan Diez’s commitment to sustainable design shines through in the chair’s design. The one-piece construction and the use of tubular arms minimize waste in the production process. Herman Miller has long been a champion of eco-conscious practices, and the Fuld Nesting Chair is a testament to their dedication to the environment.

But the commitment to sustainability goes further. The Chair’s 3D Knit textile, which is made from 50 percent post-consumer recycled content, is knitted to the chair’s exact dimensions. This meticulous approach ensures that there is no fabric waste, aligning with the principles of responsible and eco-friendly production.

Parts of the Fuld Nesting Chair
Parts of the Nesting chair.

Herman Miller understands the value of versatility, and the Chair comes in various options to suit your needs. You can choose from a monochromatic look, where the seat, seat-back, and legs are available in one hue for a sleek and uniform appearance. Alternatively, you can opt for mix-and-match seat and back colors for a more vibrant and dynamic look.

For those who appreciate the fusion of aesthetics and comfort, an optional 3D Knit textile is available in a variety of colors. This textile adds not only visual warmth but also tactile comfort. Furthermore, they offer the choice of casters or glides, allowing you to select the mobility option that best suits your space and needs.

Fuld Nesting Chair paired with table and arranged in the corner
Fuld Nesting Chair paired with tables

The chair represents a modern and environmentally conscious approach to seating. It reimagines traditional nesting chairs, infusing them with a fresh blend of elegance and practicality. Suitable for a range of settings, including educational institutions and corporate environments, the Fuld Nesting Chair showcases the impact of thoughtful design.

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