11 Exceptional Products For The Home We’re Loving Right Now

In the ever-evolving world of consumer goods, there are always standout products that capture our attention and make everyday life more enjoyable. From home décor to lifestyle essentials, here are 11 exceptional products that have recently piqued our interest and become our current favorites.

1. The Ingoma Stool by Mwinda

Mwinda, an interior decorator based in Rwanda, created the Ingoma Stool, a contemporary furniture piece with an artistic touch. It was love at first sight! Its unique shape, traditional aesthetic, and bold color highlighted the stool’s perfect blend of art and function. Its qualities make it ideal as a bold piece of decoration for any space.

2. The Lumo Solar Lantern by Mobelli

Discovering the Lumo Solar Lantern stocked by Mobelli Furniture + Living was a joy. We love it’s sleek and functional design, power-saving properties and practicality. Another amazing feature is that it’s waterproof and can be left outside. It’s available in both black and white on their online store.

The Lumo Solar Lantern by Mobelli - 11 Exceptional Products

3. The Massimo Table Lamp by Surya

We love the elegance and simplicity of the Massimo table lamp. It’s stocked by Surya, a rug and home furnishing store in the U.S. Its matte ceramic base, adorned with a plaster finish, and the soft, neutral linen shade evoke a sense of timeless beauty. You can view more details about it on their website.

The Massimo Table Lamp by Surya - 11 Exceptional Products
The Massimo table lamp by Surya.

4. Q&A A Day Spots Journal by Eva Sonaike X Penguin and Random House

This journal was born out of a collaboration between Eva Sonaike, a London-based Interiors company & Penguin and Random House. We love the vibrant yellow batik textile pattern used for the cover. According to Eva Sonaike, these patterns aren’t just designs; they’re a celebration of the vibrant and diverse African-inspired batik artistry that has captivated the world. More details were shared on their blog.

5. Bespoke Terrazo Sink by Mosaic Factory

The production process of this bespoke sink is as interesting as it looks. Mozaic factory shared a video of the making of this product on their Instagram page. It was made with red and salmon marble chips from their M10 terrazzo collection.

 Bespoke Terrazo Sink by Mosaic Factory

6. The Obidiya Sectional Sofa by Woodsworth

Also on this list is Woodsworth’s Obidiya sectional sofa shared on Instagram. We love its vibrant orange colour and the raw wood finish of the frame. We also love its versatile look – perfect for an outdoor terrace or porch, or for an indoor living room in need of a light holiday vibe.

The Obidiya Sectional Sofa by Woodsworth - 11 Exceptional Products we love
The Obidiya sectional sofa by Woodsworth.

7. The Server Wall Unit by Houtlander

The Server Wall Unit boasts ample shelving, a spacious coffee preparation counter, and discreet, extensive storage, including a concealed 48L bar fridge behind the distinctive tambour door. This versatile piece combines functionality with elegance, making it a perfect fit for hotel lobbies, Airbnbs, boardrooms, and welcoming family residences alike. We love its modern design and versatility.

It was designed and produced by Houtlander, a South Africa-based furniture design company. They described it as one of the most complex retail products they’ve ever produced.

8. The Genoa Upholstered Bed Frame by Olive

This upholstered bed frame was too adorable to ignore. The Genoa Upholstered Bed frame, designed by Olive, offers an indulgent experience with its plush upholstery, rounded design, and modern aesthetics.

According to the designer, sleeping on it feels like resting on a luxurious cloud. This bed frame eliminates the need for a box spring, featuring built-in slat base support. Just add your mattress and cozy bed linens for your most restful sleep ever.

9. Curved Arm Sofa Set by Bevel Edge Designs

This set was shared by Bevel Edge Designs via their instagram page. It includes one three-seater sofa and one two-seater sofa both upholstered in the trending boucle fabric. It made it to our favorite list due to its stylish curvilinear shape and character. It’s available for pickup at their showroom in Lagos, Nigeria.

10. Pendant Lights by Wodu Lightings

These custom pendant lights by Wodu Lightings portray creativity. Just like most of their products, the pendant light is crafted with metal and rope. We love their geometric shape and clean lines, as well as their potential to add character and uplift a space.

11. Bed frame by Lash Interior

The black bedframe by Lash Interior exudes a Scandinavian vibe with its sleek and minimalist design. Its clean lines, matte finish, and subtle detailing create a modern and cozy focal point. It would blend effortlessly with a Nordic-inspired interior aesthetic or a space in need of a timeless appeal.

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