Inspired by Circular Design, MVRDV Deliver a Stunning Façade Made From Recycled Glass Bottles for the Bulgari Shanghai Store

  • Architects: MVRDV
  • Location: China Mainland
  • City: Shanghai
  • Year: 2021
  • Surface Area: 274 m²
  • Status: Completed
  • Project type: Retail

MVRDV, a leading architectural firm, has partnered once again with the luxury jewelry brand, Bulgari, to create a remarkable flagship store in Shanghai. The highlight of this project is its green, recycled glass façade, which draws inspiration from the beauty of jade while blending influences from both Bulgari’s original store in Rome and Shanghai’s Art Deco architecture.

In this design, rather than using Bulgari’s signature motifs to create windows, the Shanghai store features a predominantly windowless facade. Instead, it employs layered panels that form an Art Deco-inspired pattern. Art Deco, with its blend of Eastern and Western design elements, is a fitting choice, given Shanghai’s historical significance as a key port connecting East and West.

Full view of jade-inspired facade design by MVRDV

The Architects made an interesting choice of materials for the façade. The panels are made from recycled glass sourced from champagne and beer bottles, which creates a translucent finish. When illuminated at night, the façade emits a captivating glow.

“Our collaboration with Bulgari has yielded some fascinating material experiments… It’s a passion we share with them, albeit in different design disciplines. The Shanghai store encapsulates the value of these experiments: given the right treatment and detailing, leftover champagne and beer bottles, which would otherwise be thrown away, become a jewel for the city.”

MVRDV founding partner Jacob van Rijs
Bottles broken to create Jade-Inspired Facade for Bulgari

In a world where sustainability and luxury can sometimes appear at odds, the Bulgari Shanghai Store by MVRDV demonstrates how recycled materials can be turned into works of art. It also impressively showcases the potential for sustainability in luxury contexts. The lighting system is also designed to minimize energy consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

MVRDV’s recycled glass façade design for the Bulgari Shanghai Store continues to push the boundaries of architectural innovation, and their collaboration with Bulgari exemplifies a harmonious blend of creativity and sustainability, creating lasting landmarks that captivate all who encounter them.

Street view of Jade-inspired façade

All images sourced from MVRDV’s website

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