Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander with the Round Cafe Table and The Low Back Upholstered Dining chair

Houtlander’s Curved Milk Bench Is Inspired By The Classic Milking Stool

Houtlander, a South African furniture designer, presents the Curved Milk Bench, a versatile piece designed to add simplicity and enjoyment to table gatherings. Drawing inspiration from the classic milking stool, this bench seamlessly merges traditional elements with a modern aesthetic.

The design of the Curved Milk Bench pays homage to the enduring simplicity and functionality of the classic milking stool. It blends a touch of nostalgia with contemporary appeal, making it suitable for diverse settings.

Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander

Tailored for social engagement, the bench is specifically crafted to fit around a round table of approximately 100cm in diameter. This design maximizes space efficiency and fosters a welcoming atmosphere, catering to shared moments.

The carved seat introduces an additional layer of comfort, elevating the sitting experience around the table. Drawing inspiration from the utilitarian simplicity of the milking stool, it showcases a fusion of functional and comfortable design elements.

Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander
Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander with the Round Cafe Table and The Low Back Upholstered Dining chair

Despite its light appearance, the Curved Milk Bench prioritizes stability. The legs are securely and permanently joined with a round tenon joint, ensuring both visual appeal and robust durability. This thoughtful construction ensures long-lasting use without compromising on aesthetics.

Crafted from oak, the bench exudes warmth and sophistication. The material not only enhances its visual appeal but also contributes to its overall durability, making it suitable for a range of environments, from homes to commercial spaces. It is available in four different finishes: Natural, Java, Dark brown and Ebony.

Different finishes the Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander is available in.

Standing at a height of 45cm and featuring an outer radius of 1400mm, the Curved Milk Bench is meticulously designed to comfortably accommodate 3-4 individuals. This adaptability makes it a versatile seating solution for various contexts.

Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander with the round cafe table

In summary, Houtlander’s Curved Milk Bench offers a unique blend of classic influences and modern design. Its ability to create a welcoming atmosphere around a table, combined with comfort and durability, makes it a noteworthy addition to any space.

Curved Milk Bench By Houtlander with green booth seats

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