Product Of The Day – The Angled Cork Planters By Wiid Design

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Wiid Design’s Angled Cork Planters combine eco-friendly artistry with modern style. These planters are made of cork, which is sourced from the cork oak tree, and are both eco-friendly and naturally charming in any space.

Wiid Design’s Idea, as stated on the website, was to create a contemporary planter that explores the relationship between texture, colour and proportion. They can accommodate small trees or large plants and come in three different sizes – Small (1000mm H x 675mm Ø), Medium (1120mm H x 690mm Ø) and Large (1120mm H x 690mm Ø).

The use of cork, with its earthy tones and tactile appeal, imparts a warm and inviting ambience to any environment. You can use the planters indoors or outdoors because they come in flexible sizes and shapes. Whether you love gardening or interior decor, these planters add eco-friendly sophistication to your space.

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