Watch The Making Of An Impressive Hyper-Realistic Tree Sculpture By The Flying Bushman

Nigerian-based artist, The Flying Bushman, shared a video of the process behind one of his commissions – the creation of a hyper-realistic tree sculpture. With wood, mortar, and surprisingly, a rubber bucket, the flying Bushman was able to achieve the intended creative results.

The Nigerian artist is known for his diverse and multidimensional approach to art. His name is inspired by the story of the Flying Dutchman, representing the constant search and growth in the world of art. The artist is comfortable working with various mediums, including metal smithing, ceramics, stained glass, painting, and sculpture, with a particular affinity for sculpture due to its puzzle-like nature.

Living and working in Nigeria, the artist acknowledges the difficulties faced by artists in the country, where art may not be as appreciated as in other places. Despite these challenges, he has found ways to commercialize his art, extending beyond conventional gallery spaces.

Watch The Making Of An Impressive Hyper Realistic Tree Sculpture

The artist’s work often carries messages of environmental impact, activism, and a surreal representation of apocalyptic futures. His approach to art extends beyond conventional boundaries, creating a unique and impactful presence in the Nigerian art scene.

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