Walkthrough Of Spectacular Luxury Home In Abidjan By Atelier M-Raud

Atelier M-Raud, an Ivorian architectural design firm, recently showcased a stunning luxury home in Abidjan, through a captivating video on their Instagram page.

Designed with unparalleled passion and dedication, this luxury home embodies a narrative of creativity and excellence in every line, space, and detail. The video, skillfully crafted by Ivorian photographer Elvis de-Dravo, provides an immersive glimpse into the architectural design.

The home’s design is characterized by polygonal protrusions and extensive use of glass on the facade, creating a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and functional elegance. Situated amidst undulating levels and lush vegetative cover, the site offers a tranquil and secluded retreat. The exterior, predominantly monotonous in color and texture, features a compelling combination of geometric massing, adding a unique character to the overall structure.

Spectacular Luxury Home In Abidjan By Atelier M-Raud.
Luxury Home In Abidjan by Atelier M-Raud.

One outstanding feature of the home is the presence of water bodies, including a pool and a swimming pool accompanied by a stylish pool house. The expansive deck complements the outdoor spaces, providing an ideal setting for relaxation and entertainment. The video captures the interplay between the architectural design and the natural surroundings, showcasing a thoughtful integration of the built environment with the landscape.

The location, seemingly in a low-density area, enhances the sense of exclusivity and privacy associated with this architectural masterpiece. Atelier M-Raud’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries is evident in every frame of the video, as the villa stands as a testament to their innovative approach to design.

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