Watch The Styling Of A Whimsical Baby’s Bedroom by Anita Vwede

In a recent video shared by Anita Vwede, the CEO of the Lagos-based Interior Design company Naoni Studio, we are treated to an enchanting transformation of a baby’s bedroom.

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Anita, with her signature style and creativity, undertook a residential project to craft a space that exudes a dreamy vibe, complete with magical elements like clouds and whimsical bunny bedframes. The video begins with Anita explaining her thoughtful choices for the room, emphasizing the importance of creating a space that will grow with the child. Rattan baskets were placed on shelves to provide ample storage for toys and books, ensuring the room remains functional as the child transitions from one to eight years old.

Anita’s eye for detail is evident as she showcases cute books sourced from H&M Home and an array of stuffed toys, chosen not only for their charm but also as unique decor pieces. She explains her preference for using soft toys as part of the decor, adding a touch of whimsy to the baby’s bedroom.

Anita Vwede Styles A Baby's bedroom

The video unfolds with Anita carefully placing a bumblebee, a long caterpillar, a baby llama, and a giraffe in strategic spaces in the room, creating a delightful visual story within the room. She expresses her joy in finally styling with the giraffe, highlighting the personal connection she has with each element in the space.

Anita’s attention to accessibility for the mother is evident in the choice of additional baskets for storage, ensuring a clutter-free and organized environment. A paper lamp and a height-check sticker for the wall add the finishing touches to the baby’s bedroom.

The piece de resistance, according to Anita, is the cloud element, which she describes as the perfect touch to infuse softness into the space. She wraps up the video by sharing that her client’s baby has already expressed love for the transformed room.

The semi-finished look showcased in the video radiates warmth and charm, leaving viewers eager to witness the final outcome. As Anita bids farewell, one can’t help but share in the excitement of a beautifully designed space that will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come.

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