Industrial Fashion House Interior By Brookhouse Designs

Sophisticated Industrial Fashion Store Interior In Lekki Features A Ceiling-Hosted Reception Desk

  • Designer: Brookhouse Designs
  • Project Type: Retail
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Brookhouse Designs, a Lagos-based interior design company, took the concept of an industrial fashion store interior to new heights with a unique and captivating design. Style and innovation are key drivers of the fashion world, not only in the creation of apparel but also in the spaces that showcase these creations.

The interior of the industrial fashion store is a play of contrasts. The exposed industrial ceiling, painted in sleek black, stands in stark opposition to the textured white walls, creating a captivating visual balance. This interplay between dark and light elements serves as a backdrop for the fashion collections on display.

Industrial Fashion store Interior By Brookhouse Designs

In a striking design choice, all wall displays are constructed using metal pipes and chains, adding an industrial yet artistic edge to the space. The floor displays consist of cuboid pedestals covered in polished stone, elevating the fashion items with a touch of style. The overall effect is a harmonious fusion of raw and refined materials.

To ensure that every fashion piece is showcased to its full potential, the interior of the industrial fashion store is bathed in the soft glow of industrial track lighting and fluorescent lighting. This combination in addition to the natural light from the long windows, creates a balanced and inviting ambiance that enhances the aesthetics of the garments and accessories on display.

Industrial Fashion store Interior By Brookhouse Designs
Side view of Industrial Fashionstore Interior By Brookhouse Designs

For the convenience of customers, simple black benches are thoughtfully positioned at strategic locations throughout the space. These benches provide not only a comfortable spot for visitors to rest but also an opportunity to try on the latest fashion items. The juxtaposition of these sleek, minimalist seating arrangements against the industrial backdrop creates a unique and inviting environment.

One of the most distinctive features of Brookhouse Designs’ industrial fashion store is the ceiling-hosted floating reception desk. This extraordinary piece of furniture appears as if it were suspended in mid-air. Painted in bold black, it takes the form of a half-cylinder delicately hoisted up by two suspended metal straddles.

Reception desk and floor display in Industrial Fashion store Interior By Brookhouse Designs

Strategically placed throughout the space are full-length black-framed mirrors. These mirrors are designed with the customer in mind, providing an opportunity for visitors to view and appreciate the fashion pieces from all angles

Industrial Fashion store Interior By Brookhouse Designs

Brookhouse Designs has redefined the industrial fashion store interior. Their harmonious blend of raw and refined elements, showcased through a ceiling-hosted reception desk, contrasting materials, and thoughtful lighting, offers a unique, immersive experience, highlighting the power of interior design in the world of fashion.

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