Inside A Stunning Luxurious Master Bedroom Project In Nigeria By Dwellion Design

  • Designer: Dwellion Design
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Luxury Interior Image Ng
  • Location: Nigeria

Dwellion Design approached sophistication from a calm perspective in this luxurious master bedroom project. The elements of the design all come together to create a cohesive and composed picture evoking the feeling of tranquility.

Recently shared by Nigerian Architectural Photographer, Luxury Interior Image the luxurious master bedroom features a balanced and cohesive look, with a monochromatic scheme that allows you to enjoy the space in different shades and textures.

Luxurious masterv Bedroom by Dwellion Design

With black an accent colour, a level of authenticity and maturity was introduced into the space. This seems quite appropriate for a luxurious master bedroom design like this. Soft textures in the beddings and the rounded edges of the furniture delicately balanced out the edginess from the infusions of black.

Close up of headboard in a luxurious
master bedroom in Nigeria
Soft and luxurious textures on beddings.
Luxurious beddings in luxurious bedroom
Luxurious master bedroom by Dwellion Design
Plush curvy sofas for the casual seating area.

The air of quality the space exudes was further emphasized by Dwellion Design’s choice for a coffee table in the casual seating area – a thick tree disc. It was supported by the bedside light pair, glass top night stand and the distribution of different temperatures of light across the space.

Thick tree disk as coffee table
Thick tree disc as coffee table.
Framed picture as decor in luxurious bedroom
Desk lamp on a wide nightstand that has a
glass top
bedside desk lamp.
Drop down bedside lamp over a
wide night stand.
Drop-down bedside lamp.

This luxurious bedroom by Dwellion Design is visually appealing, exudes luxury cohesively and is definitely worth exploring.

View showing dressers entrance door into the room and a spiral stair case
Luxurious bedroom by
Dwellion Design

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