Discover How Interior Culture By Obiageli Showcased Eclectic Minimalism In This Exquisite Contemporary Office Space For Eversage Law

  • Designer: Interior Culture By Obiageli
  • Client: Eversage
  • Project Type: Corporate
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Chuck Daniels Interior Studio
  • Location: Victoria Island, Lagos

Interior Culture By Obiageli designed a modern contemporary office space for Eversage Law Practice in Lagos. It showcases a unique blend of styles, marrying the clean lines of modern minimalism with the vibrant spirit of eclecticism.

The minimalist foundation of the office space is established through clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and a neutral color palette. Crisp whites and muted grays set the backdrop for a serene and focused atmosphere, echoing the principles of minimalism that prioritize simplicity and clarity in design.

Earthy reception area with bohemian vibe
Dynamic front desk area.

To infuse character and vivacity into the contemporary office space, Interior Culture by Obiageli introduces eclectic elements that break the monotony of minimalism. Unconventional furniture pieces, bold patterns, and bursts of color contribute to an environment that is far from ordinary. These eclectic touches not only add visual interest but also spark creativity in the workplace.

Chaise lounge sofa and serpentine chair with dark wooden coffee table
Chaise lounge chair and artsy coffee table and single chair.
Casual seating area in an executive office
Casual seating area in executive office.
Casual seating area in an executive office

The designer’s keen eye for detail is evident in the strategic placement of art and accessories throughout the office space. Statement pieces and artistic accents become focal points, seamlessly blending with the minimalist surroundings. This intentional curation enhances the overall aesthetic and brings a sense of curated eclecticism to the forefront.

Wall art in earthy tones flanked by wall sconces
A pair of artwork about about women
Blue tufted sofa embedded in wooden joinery

In the spirit of contemporary office space design, Interior Culture by Obiageli ensures that the space remains adaptable and functional. Flexible layouts, multifunctional furniture, and an open-plan arrangement cater to the dynamic needs of a modern workspace. The blend of minimalism and eclecticism fosters an environment that encourages both collaboration and focused work.

4-seater meeting table
Meeting area.
Pool workstation infused with planting
Pool office area.
ribbed console in conference room
Monochrome conference room interior
Conference room.
Teal blue built-in seats with chalice tables with inscription on the wall saying: "But first... coffee"
Office Cafeteria.
Pool office area with twin wall art

Emphasizing the importance of well-being in the workplace, Interior Culture utilizes the ample natural light flooding the space. Large windows allow sunlight to flood the space, creating a bright and uplifting atmosphere. Potted plants and green accents are incorporated to bring an organic touch to the office, enhancing the overall sense of well-being.

Hybrid furniture showcases green shades with incorporated planter
Waiting area

By seamlessly blending the simplicity of minimalism with the diversity of eclecticism, this project becomes a symphony of styles, creating a contemporary office space that not only reflects the brand’s identity but also fosters a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere for its occupants.

Executive Offfice with warm and earthy tones
Executive office.

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