Soft and Comfy: Lana Mangas collection by Patricia Urquiola for Gan

Colour, texture and comfort, I would say, are the hallmarks of Patricia Urquiola’s Lana Mangas collection for Gan, a division of the Gandia Blasco design brand. The Lana Mangas comprises modular components that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. It features cross-shaped rugs that form an interlocking floor covering as well as a seating module with a small backrest that can be combined with square and rectangular poufs to form flexible seating arrangements. The components are set in a palette of yellow, coral, pink, grey and ivory for the collection.

The combination of the rugs and seating modules, guarantee a warm and harmonious environment.

For more detail on the collection please refer to this article.dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_ss_1 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_2sq dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_8b dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_11 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_3 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_12 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_4 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_10


dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_15 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_16dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_14 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_6 dezeen_Lana-Mangas-by-Patricia-Urquiola-for-Gan_7Via [dezeen]


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