Playwood Organizer Designs And Organizes Spaces With Sustainability And Modularity.

Sustainability, wellbeing and eco-design will be the prerogative and the topics of interest of dwell: for living of the nowadays and the future.

PlayWood Organizer is the new modular furniture system, that allows to make bespoken shelvings, libraries, desks and freestanding partitions. In the name of nature and environment.

The products are studied to have the best way in therms of sustainability: they were born by circular economy process and at them end could be recycling at 99% facturing the base material, that were made.

The system is studied to fit at the latest demands of organization in therms of time and spaces. Each element of the line could be combined with other pieces of the same collection PlayWood Organizer.

The furniture can make bespoken structures to furnish houses, offices or commecarcial spaces, converting the spaces according to the needs of everyone.


The panels of products are made of superior quality birch, and they are chosen to make the PlayWood Organizer collection. They were born by a circular economy process, that optimize extra-sector production chains, for example the automotive supply chain. The new panels are made by the scraps of other productions, the trees are not cutting for the construction of the PlayWood Organizer line. The material has the best quality, because it was choosen by a selected process of commodity.

That allows to recover almost the 80%-90% of material, otherwise would be threw. The collection respects the environment 360 degrees, each product is shipped in modules that reduce the volume and the cost of delivering. This solution makes it easy the delivering, respects the nature and environment, and reduces the use of commodity. Last but not least this solution can simplify the managing of purchase by the costumer, thanks to the modularity of each piece that makes the furniture.

New Needs, New Furniture

The furniture is made of by an innovative attitude, that could turn in the time to fit according to the needs of everyone, they not be repalced. A modular solution, that can fit each single need, in each moment of our lives. A multi-faceted collection to allow at the products a perfect using for temporary spaces: for younger consumer, commercial spaces and stores, but also they can make business contexts. In addition, the life of the products it will be longer.

Quality And Sustainability

The value of PlayWood Organizer collection is its own materials: every furniture is made in high quality birch wood. Instead, the hidden structure of the shelfs is included in the wood frame, thanks to the latest generation of folding system. Each shelfs is made of by three layers cardboard poli-waeves, they resist until 25kg, it gives huge stability at the structure.

Easy And Quck Installation

PlayWood Organizer collection is thought to easy way installation:

  • Follow the folds to make the intern dividers, that’s made of high quality cardboard 100% recycled.
  • Assembly the wood frame with the PlayWood Connectors. –  Frame the shelfs and close the structure, done!

Customize Your Furniture With The Accessories

Each product of PlayWood Organizer collection is marked by spoken attitude and modularity. You can buy some accessories like doors and cross inserts that give more style at the collection, in the name of  Ready to Assemble Furniture di PlayWood. For example, the cross inserts can turn your furniture in an elegant winery.

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