Heres some more stellar creativity from Nigerian Designer Damola Rufai, creator of the award winning Esho Table. This time, we look at his Esho Lamp, which was actually a predecessor to the aforementioned table.


As he described it,

ESHO LAMPS, are table lamps that were designed as part of the esho collection for A Whitespace Creative Agency. The collection which gets its name from the Yoruba word for “treasure” or jewel”  was designed with low poly graphics in mind to conjure up images of a cut jewel. There were no CAD or high tech processes used in the design and manufacture of this prototype. Design was created from sketching and model making by hand, while the production was done by skilled artisans in Lagos, Nigeria

DSC_00001 DSC_0005-2 DSC_000010-2 DSC_0016-2
DSC_0030-2 DSC_0038-2

[via Damola Rufai]

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