Solitär Regal Creo; Profilfarbe Schwarz; Barfach Uni-Dekor Staubgrau; Klappenkorpus 2-türig; Einschubkorpus mit 2 Schubladen; Uni-Dekor Hellgrau; Einschubkorpus 12 mm; Urban Structures Fabric Sand; Creo TV-Board wandhängend, Creo Tisch; ESG Sicherheitsglas Schwarz klar/Parsol Schwarz; Swing Door Slim Line 2-flügelig mit Oberlicht und Seitenteil; Griff Schwarz matt; Solitaire rack Creo; profile color Black; bar compartment; decor dusty gray; flap carcass double door; drawer carcass; decor light gray; Creo TV-board wall-mounted; Creo table; tempered safety glass black clear/Parsol black; Swing Door Slim Line double-leaf with top light and side section, handle black matte

CREO Modular Shelving System by Raumplus

The Creo shelving system is a master of transformation. It can be used as a wardrobe, side-, low- or highboard or as a table made to measure.

Whether it’s a highboard or sideboard, media furniture, coat rack or workstation, Creo always combines high functionality with visual lightness and an artistic appearance. Creo stands out in design due to its filigree aluminum profiles. These form the framework for the entire composition. There is a choice of shelves made of wood-based material or glass. The slide-in
corpera can be equipped with drawers and hinged doors. There are almost no limits to the design. Whether as a lowboard, wardrobe, office solution or also as a room divider, nearly everything is possible. The traverses are available in Black anodized and grinded Champagne.

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