Inside the SUL Steel Office in India by Epsilon Architecture and Interior

Project Details
  • Location: GodrejGenesis, Sector V,  Kolkata
  • Area: 6030sqft / 560sqm
  • Year of completion: 2020
  • Design team: Bipratip Dhar, Biprajit Poddar, Jilmil Rajkhowa Bose, Niharika Valechha
  • Associations: Council Of Architecture (COA)
  • Tiling: Nexion, Qutone
  • Marble: Radharani Marbles
  • Veneer: Provo
  • Wall coverings: Home Fashion
  • Paints: Asian Paints
  • Lighting: Marici Experience Centre
  • Furnitures: JBS Interiors, Featherlite, Stanley, Spacio Furniture & Accessories
  • Basin/WC/ Urinal: Kohler
  • False ceiling: JBS Interiors
  • Mirrors: Saint Gobain
  • Accessories: Spacio
  • Civil Interior Contractor: JBS Interiors
  • HVAC Contractor: ESSGEE Enterprise
  • Fire & Safety Contractor: Globe Detective Agency Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sculpture Artwork:
    • Studio Mrittika, Santiniketan |
    • Principal designer- Ashish Ghosh
    • Assistant Designer- Priyak Dutta…
  • Artist: Somnath Mitra
  • Photo Credit– Ravi Kanade

Client Brief, Location and Site – For a company that is the leading manufacturer of various steel products and TMT bars, whose supplies reach various industries and infrastructure development projects for the last 60 years, the existing office was cramped for space.

Located on the eleventh floor of a reputed commercial building, the site, had one large solitary opening looking north. Characterized by raw concrete finish in columns and slab soffit, the site offered decent floor to ceiling heights.

The Layout – In the interpretation of a modern office design, openness plays a vital role. Lesser walls and partitions are always a beautiful sight to see in any modern office design.

However, compartmentalizing certain areas and chambers for requirements of privacy and hierarchy was also paramount for the clients. Creating a balance between the two, the layout pushes the glass enclosed chambers towards the farthest end on the south, with the open space workstation area holding center stage taking full advantage of the north light that spreads unobstructed throughout the entire space. Meeting and waiting rooms are planned near the entrance on the western side, restricting outsider interface beyond them. The southern periphery houses the company’s executive area with glass enclosed chambers, board room and a lounge for informal meetings. Service areas are located on the eastern side with the mandir strategically placed on the northeastern quadrant with views from all across the office.

The Concept and Finishes– The leading manufacturer of steel products, the company produces TMT bars/CRS – TMT, MS flats, rounds, angles, beams, and channels among other structural items. Incorporating and highlighting most of these products into the overall design was necessary.

Additionally, raw finishes were chosen to be highlighted as a theme to go along with the robust look of metal giving the interior a strong industrial aesthetic. Thus, the raw concrete finish inherited from the original structure were retained on column surfaces and the slab soffit reducing the design to its basic building block. Exposed brick finish was added to accentuate the blocky monolithic look. Patinated hexagonal metal, suspended from the ceiling, metal sculptures, metal screens done mainly with the company’s various products adorn various parts giving the entire area a less refined, textural, and industrial feel. Sound absorbing acoustic material have also been used as an aesthetic infused in geometric art forms, providing a subtle mix of colour and texture.

Patches of greenery introduced amidst the combination of metal, textures and raw finishes, provide softness, style and colour. An indoor garden envisaged between the director chambers, provides visual relief; a welcoming and natural aesthetic that is appealing to both clients and employees. Inspired by Japanese indoor gardens, the space contains abstract shapes of rock, gravel and plants, representing the larger landscape of nature with a back lit stretched fabric ceiling above, mimicking natural daylight. Thus, the stark raw look blends the softness of green and the warmth of wood with strokes of bright colour infused in furniture, panels and artwork, bringing about the precise balance of functionality and aesthetics.

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