Bolgatanga woven lamp collection By Baba Tree Basket and PET Lamp

Bolgatanga PET Lamp – A Woven Lamp Collection By Baba Tree Basket And PET Lamp Inspired by Weaving Traditions from Ghana

Pakurigo Waves is the name of this specific technique applied by a few master weavers of The Baba Tree team, which consists of shaping the basket weaving in “waves”, providing this unique and peculiar movement. The Pakurigo Waves have been combined with local PET plastic bottles to make this new collection titled Bolgatanga.

The Baba Tree community is made up of over 250 artisans who weave with local straw and Elephant grass, the most popular basket weaving material used in northern Ghana which is imported from the wetter south of Ghana, mixing in each piece the Gurunsi weaving traditions with an up to date and more modern language thanks to the introduction of the waves characteristic of this process, which gives each basket a unique dynamism and rhythm. See more about the artisans and the work they do here and here.

Each and every master weaver we collaborated with and who continue to weave these lamps leaves his or her own imprint and style on their pieces, to make a collection that is full of unique details and features. Each lamp poses a new challenge for them, where they can give living form to a vital part of their culture and display it on a global market.

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