Monterey Residences in Malaysia by Ong & Ong Pte Ltd

Part of the impressive Eco Sanctuary Masterplan, the Monterey Residences development builds on a pre-existing mandate to place elegance and refinement firmly within reach.

Poised to provide the ultimate setting for resort-style living, Monterey Residences strikes a fine balance between affordable luxury and touches of natural splendour – fully embodying the core ideals of the greater eco-haven masterplan.

Monterey Residences was crafted through a meticulous design process that saw close collaboration between architects and developers. Predicated on the integration of nature with the built environment, the development was conceptualised as a green lung, with more than 35% of the land parcel devoted to green landscapes and natural features. Contributing to the idyllic green setting, Monterey Residences also features an abundance of water bodies that total almost 10.19ha, including an expansive lake that sits adjacent to the development.

Imagined as community-centric design, Monterey Residences was conceptualised with a focus on connectivity, continuity and permeability. The greater Eco Sanctuary development sits in close proximity to major transportation networks, with easy access to major freeways and roads connecting it to surrounding towns and cities. Internally, different parcels within the development are linked through landscaped trails and lush back lanes, which also bestows the entire development with a sense of continuity.

Within the Monterey Residence itself, connectivity begins with a lush pedestrian spine that dissects the land parcel. Envisioned as a lush, active artery anchoring the site, the pedestrian spine will also contain a central clubhouse that will act as an axis. Arranged into clusters, residential units a grouped together radiating away from the clubhouse and pedestrian spine – spreading outwardly across the sprawling land parcel.

Homes within the Monterey Residences have been designed in a range of styles and layout configurations, unified by pockets of green backyard spaces and tranquil lanes proliferated with natural light and air. Created to draw upon the pervading Malaysian vernacular, Monterey Residences takes things a step further by amplifying the spatial and programmatic characteristics. Homes will be defined by features such as deep balconies, high ceilings and staggered facades, along with breathtaking views of the surrounding green backdrop – enhancing the assimilation between built environment and nature.

Aiming to cater to a wide variety of prospective homeowners, the development is bolstered by an impressive array of facilities allowing for a diversity of lifestyle pursuits. In addition to the majestic central clubhouse, onsite facilities will also include the recreational lake, jogging trail, bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways, multi-purpose hall, as well as a children’s playground.

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