A Contemporary Family Home In South Africa With A Sylvan-Themed Kid’s Bedroom

  • Architect: Studio HB
  • Interior Designer: Akara Design
  • Photography: Sarah De Pina
  • Location: Midrand, South Africa

Situated within a luxury estate in Midrand, Home V by Studio HB represents a contemporary approach to architectural design. This contemporary family home, designed for a challenging site, offers a seamless integration of functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Spread across two storeys with four bedrooms, Home V maximizes the natural surroundings with expressive facades and staggered forms. The stepped profiles of the house create an illusion of grandeur, reminiscent of a three-storey structure, while optimizing views of the adjacent nature reserve.

Exterior view of contemporary family home in South Africa.

This contemporary family home goes beyond mere aesthetics, incorporating passive design strategies and green building solutions. Solar energy generation and rainwater filtration systems are seamlessly integrated, ensuring efficient resource utilization and minimal environmental impact.

Exterior view of contemporary family home in South Africa.
Exterior view of contemporary family home in South Africa showing patio.

Inside, the Scandinavian interiors, curated by Akara Design, strike a balance between luxury and practicality. Each space is carefully designed to serve its purpose efficiently, catering to the diverse needs of modern living.

Main living room in Home V by Studio HB and Akara Interiors.
Modern patio design in contemporary living room design.
Ribbed console with white marble top in open kitchen with dining area.
Scandinavian 8-seater dining area.
Modern white kitchen with dining area in Home V in South Africa.

The spaces with the strongest personalities are the kids’ bedrooms. Designed to stimulate the creativity and imaginations of each child, the bedrooms present an outstanding play of cohesive colours, exciting textures and functional furnishing.

Jungle book inspired kid's bedroom interior in South Africa.
Blue-themed kids bedroom interior in South Africa.
Man applying wall mural in kids bedroom
Study desk with open shelving in kids bedroom.

Captured by photographer Sarah De Pina, Home V, a contemporary family home reflects Studio HB’s commitment to pushing design boundaries. From its facades to its interiors, Home V showcases meticulous attention to detail and a deep respect for its surroundings.

Modern facade design of contemporary family home in South Africa by Studio HB.

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