This Minimalist Victorian Bedroom By Studio 64 Features a Recycled Chandelier

  • Designer: Studio 64
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Bespoke Textured Art: Eunoia by Kanchan
  • Floor Lamp: Secto Design
  • Photography: Daakpe Studios
  • Location: Ghana

Studio 64 unveils a captivating minimalist victorian bedroom in Ghana, showcasing a harmonious blend of minimalism and victorian sophistication. Captured through the lens of Daakpe Studios, the room is adorned with bespoke textured art, adding a unique visual element to the space. A floor lamp from Secto Design provides both ambient lighting and a stylish accent, contributing to the room’s minimalist aesthetic.

Serving as a backdrop, the pastel pink walls are adorned with rectangular classical wall moldings exuding a sense of timeless charm. The focal point of the room is the bed, flanked by a comfortable three-seater and a chic coffee table. A floating TV console and wardrobes with classic-style doors further enhance the Victorian-inspired theme, adding to the room’s overall allure.

Minimalist Victorian bedroom by Studio 64

Adding a touch of opulence to this minimalist victorian bedroom is the recycled chandelier suspended above the bedside area, serving as a striking centrepiece while promoting sustainability. Its presence highlights Studio 64’s commitment to environmentally conscious design practices.

Minimalist victorian living room with three seater.
Victorian bedroom with floating nightstand.
Three seater and coffee table.

Complementing the recycled chandelier is a statement lamp, deliberately placed to provide task lighting and enhance the room’s ambience. Framed artwork adorns the walls, adding a personalized touch and reflecting the inhabitants’ unique tastes and interests.

Minimal floating tv console and statement lamp.
Wall hung sculpture.
Wall hung sculpture.

Studio 64’s Minimal Victorian Bedroom stands as a testament to their design philosophy, seamlessly integrating modern sensibilities with timeless elegance. Through thoughtful curation and attention to detail, Studio 64 has created a sanctuary that exudes sophistication and comfort, inviting inhabitants to relax and unwind in style.

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