Andrew Giammarco

Updated Boston Terrace residence by Hoedemaker Pfeiffer merges a 1930’s California vibe with a collector’s aesthetic

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer (a Seattle-based architecture and interior design firm, best known for their work designing family compounds and retreats) recently shared with us images of their interior design work for a remodeled 1930’s house which was focused on creating a holistic aesthetic that takes into consideration everything from architecture to objets d’art.

Inspired by its 1930s California canyon vibe, the client (Tim Pfeiffer, one of the two partners of Hoedemaker Pfeiffer) sought to leverage the bones of the house to create a more connected and comfortable interior. Opening up the house by selectively removing walls brings a contemporary feel to the strength of the existing materiality. The variety of living areas within the house provides the opportunity to invest the spaces with diverse palette of textures, materials and forms with which to furnish the rooms. A collector’s aesthetic blends 17th century-to-mid 19th century furniture and art. The house is an eclectic, yet completely familiar, and inviting place to call home.

Project team: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer (interior design and art curation)
Official website:
Photography: Andrew Giammarco

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