View of minimalist executive office design by Minida Designs

Discover This Minimalist Executive Office Design In Lagos By Minida Designs Featuring Hidden Doors

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  • Designers: Minida Designs
  • Project Type: Office
  • Photography: Rubys Polaroid
  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Minida Designs recent project, a minimalist executive office design, portrays their keen eye for detail. This office showcases a blend of functionality, modernity, and an element of surprise with concealed doors.

The color scheme comprises white, beige, and various shades of brown, creating a calming and earthy atmosphere. These neutral tones serve as a backdrop for the darker furniture pieces, adding a sense of purpose and authority to the space.

View of Minimalist executive office design by Minida Designs

Upon entry, the waiting area welcomes visitors with two elegant accent chairs, upholstered in a subtle beige fabric. These chairs are positioned around a stylish chalice side table crafted in black that adds a touch of sophistication to the space.

Waiting area in minimalist executive office design by Minida Designs
Waiting area showing warm linear embedded wall light

At the core of the minimalist executive office design is the workspace, dominated by a dark grey glass-top executive table. Its reflective surface adds depth and complements the minimalist theme. Behind the desk, a black executive chair conveys authority and comfort, while two swivel visitor’s seats provide additional seating options.

Opposite the workspace is the casual seating area made up of a beige chaise lounge sofa thoughtfully placed in one corner for informal discussions or moments of relaxation. Its neutral color seamlessly integrates with the overall color scheme. Also within this area, is a floor-to-ceiling open shelf installed with provisions for a television for entertainment or presentation.

View of minimalist executive office design by Minida Designs

The office features two long windows with adjustable blinds, offering a connection to the outside world while maintaining privacy. The balance between openness and seclusion is carefully managed.

The wall cladding used in this office design is a distinctive design element, especially around the working area. It introduces texture and coziness to the otherwise clean and smooth lines of the office.

Minimalist artworks were thoughtfully placed on the window wall. Accentuated by concealed fluorescent light sources, they become focal points that encourage focus and contemplation.

To summarize the general outlook of the minimalist executive office design, pieces of decorative furnishings such as a decorative floor lamp and indoor plants were used to intentionally populate the space.

Created out of a blank canvas, this executive office was designed to reflect the character and vision of our client’s firm. We were intentional about creating a polished look that exuded elegance and quality – this was particularly reflected in the materials and finishes we chose. We couldn’t be more pleased with the final outcome!

Minida Designs

One unique aspect of this minimalist executive office design is the hidden doors within the wall cladding. These doors, when closed, blend seamlessly into the design, allowing for an uninterrupted visual experience.

Linear ceiling recessed lights ensure uniform illumination throughout the office, enhancing clarity and productivity. Similar but warm embedded ambient wall lights were also introduced in the waiting area to achieve a soft and warm undertone.

Flush-fitting doors in Minimalist Executive Office Design by Minida Desings
View of minimalist executive office design by Minida Designs showing flush-fitting doors
Two hidden doors concealed within wall cladding

In summary, Studio Minida‘s minimalist executive office design embodies minimalism with functional and elegant elements. From the hidden doors to the carefully curated color palette, every aspect of this space has been meticulously considered to create a productive and inviting environment.

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