How Brad Swartz Architects Created a One Bedroom Loft from just 35sqm

Born of a unique collaboration between neighbors, this project by Brad Swartz Architects saw two rear-lane parking spaces in inner Sydney transformed into spatially elegant one-bedroom loft dwellings, on a footprint of just 35 square meters each.

The units which serve as both traveler’s accommodation, and a secondary family home, came about as businesses such as car sharing and airbnb became more prominent giving the owners a reason to turn the empty parking space into income generating rental property.

Both neighbors worked together to reduce costs by sharing both the architect as well as construction expenses and by mirroring 4.7m wide floorplans with back-to-back kitchen and bathrooms that could share utilities. This synergy also made it easier to get council approval for the project. In all, the project provides an innovative template for how neighbors can cooperate to unlock underutilized inner-city land.


The units feature a cross-braced mezzanine floor which offers extra headroom. A narrow staircase hosts clever under-stair cabinetry which blends seamlessly with the space, housing the kitchen, storage as well as TV/media unit. This overlapping of function ensures the living area remains uncluttered as its open out onto a small courtyard garden at the rear of the unit.

Upstairs, the bedroom is an open loft in contrast to the small discreet toilet and shower situated behind a 10mm frosted glass wall. This offers a good alternative to a 110mm plastered stud wall. Due to its size, the bathroom couldn’t cater to a basin as such, it has been embedded in a marble bench that serves as vanity, dressing table and desk. Controversial but clever.

Project Credits

Architect: Brad Swartz Architect
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Project Team: Brad Swartz, Emily Elliott
Builder: Rozzi Constructions
Engineer: Cantilever Consulting Engineers
Landscaping: Outdoor Establishments

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