A pristine wooden box: The TAT House by Fleetwood/Fernandez

Concrete, Glass and Wood, make up this elegant contemporary home with clean lines and soft landscaping designed by Fleetwood/Fernadez.
Located on a narrow site, its layout conforms perfectly with slender rectilinear geometry and fairly large functional spaces. The large panes of glass act less as walls and more as boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces offering views of the surrounding landscape from inside and views of the masterfully designed spaces from outside. The defining feature would be the wooden rain screen that wraps around the top floor, contrasting with the concrete and glass below, adding texture and character to the building. On the whole, its easy on the eyes and simple in design covering a surprising 520 sqm, with a basement, ground and first floor.
Sumptuously finished, this 3 bedroom Home is more than enough for a large family to live very comfortably.

Floor plans
Sectional Perspective
Sliding Glass walls, open up the kitchen to the serene, well planted patio.
An Intriguing Approach showing off its rectilinear form and varying textures
A view of the office and living area from outside
A very luxurious bathroom
Pristine living

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