Christmas is around the corner, so its only fair we feature something perfect for the season. Growing up, Christmas has always been fun; from buying Christmas clothes and shoes to decorating and visiting friends. Did I forget to mention eating Christmas fried or jollof rice and chicken (freshly killed and cooked) in our friend’s homes. I also remember the decorations, especially the placing of old and new Christmas cards on any available surface, including ropes tied across the room. Our decorations were usually scanty as my mum didn’t have much time then, but some of my friends houses were fully decorated. You might have thought Santa was a member of their family.
By now I am sure a number of families would have started putting up their decorations, and we have something beautiful you can add, if, of course, if you’re a hands-on person. As an alternative to the traditional wreath, you can give this contemporary one we saw on a “A Beautiful Mess” a good try. All you need are some PVC pipes (three different sizes) a saw, some glue and a gold spray paint. You can opt for a green or red spray paint, but this gold paint is perfection.



A cross-section of some of the things you will need;



If you love how this looks and want to try it, see the simple process here.
We also have some few questions for our readers;
~What christmas decorations can you not do without, and what tips do you unconsciously or consciously employ in your Christmas decorations?
~ In retrospect, are you still the card placing and hanging type of decorator
~ As a Nigerian, what shop will you recommend to buy a wide variety of trendy Christmas decorations. This applies to anywhere in Nigeria, or even an online shop you know. You can leave your answers in the comment section. This is would be very helpful to people looking for a good Christmas shop.
Merry Christmas from Livin Spaces.



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