Manuel Correia, João Freire, Fabrice Fouillet

The KN10 Building in Angola by Costa Lopes


The KN10 building – among the first to be completed by COSTA LOPES and home to its head offices – roots itself in its location in Rua Kwame N’Krumah, opposite to Rua Moisés Cardoso, a continuation of the upper city ridge (one of Luanda´s main urban structures) and, on the other hand, in its generic programme which at the time met the need for qualified office spaces. It also takes in account the uncertainty in relation to the transformation of the neighboring urban plots.


The horizontal portico, circumscribed in the plot and open to the street, gives place for 10 overlapping functional modules with open-space offices (one or two units with a kitchenette). They are served and anchored by a vertical access core (stairs and lifts, with sanitary facilities on each floor). The building also features 3 underground floors for car parking and technical areas.

The fanfold facades are consequence of the overlapping and physicality of the reinforced concrete. Each module is highlighted by the different angulations of its façade distended rings, compressing side to side fenêtres en longueur and guaranteeing some environmental mediation. They give an autonomous expression to the building in relation to the transformation of the neighboring area, while maintaining a strong urban presence.

The KN10 unveils itself from inside-out and vice-versa. It overlooks the city, particularly the higher floors, from Ilha do Cabo to the hinterland. It indulges in the city, flowing through it and revealing its working environments from the public space.


  • Architects: Costa Lopes
  • Location: Luanda, Angola
  • Area: 4221.0 sq m
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photographs: Manuel Correia, João Freire, Fabrice Fouillet


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