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The Proposed Benue Flood Houses by HTL Africa seeks to Mitigate Displacement due to Flood.

Following the floods in Benue state from late August, HTL Africa have begun developing a proposal for what they term “flood houses” as a means to mitigate future occurrences of displacement due to flood and the resultant health risks.

They shared with us preliminary images of their proposal which seeks to combine farming and accommodation as a means of creating a place where residents can both live and earn an income in the most effective and compact of spaces. Here’s there description,

From HTL Africa:

We believe in the power of architecture for social impact, not as an act of tokenism, but as an insertion that can change the life of the people. Quite frankly, we have been disappointed with the silence of the architecture profession in these critical time for the people of Benue,  so we put together a housing proposal for those displaced by the floods.

Because of Benue’s reputation as the food basket of the nation, these prototypes combine farming with living in order to provide a source of income for the inhabitants. We are now seeking donations, in cash or kind (through lands and expertise) to actualise this project for the people of Benue.

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