Splish Splash!!! Program Collective’s sculpture splashes in Spain!

In the spirit of contemporary art, this one just tops it. Seriously waris dis? This is my friend is the result of a collaboration of “software and structural engineering, machine construction and the human hand, 3D sculpture and time-based media, and site-specific design andsocially transformative experience”. Sounds ghen ghen right?
Program collective, the brain behind this, created this masterpiece to “reveal the positive value of water to life and dangers to water sustainability”, as stated in Designboom. Using Particles software they were able to create a simulation of the effect extreme natural forces of gravity, wind and heat will have on liquid. The fluid dynamics digital model ceated from the simulation was broken down into a mesh and then, a solid shapes, allowing for the structural calculations needed to hang all the 134 solid pieces from cables.
Each of the module/shape were modelled using digital CAD-CAM cutting and finished with a smooth, polished, and mirror effct. The modules were 3d printed, in a ratio of 1:20 during the fabrication (so it can come in any size, depending on the ratio).
The science-exhibition experience, also included sound and visual that would cover the entire 40 meter high space. According to Designboom,


‘splash’ provides a counterpoint whose scale and complexity can only be fully understood by the viewer in motion. as the public ascends the tower ramps, the time and motion-based capabilities of the installation are augmented by ambient audio-visuals. through movement, perception, and discussion, the relationship between parts of the hybrid reach momentary completion and meaning.” 







[Program collective, is a collaborative effort of Mona Kim, Todd Palmer, Simon Taylor, Olga Subiros.]
Source; Design boom
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