STRONG AND SLENDER: The Aree Table by Verdan Erceg


Education in this day and age is key, and I don’t just mean school in the traditional sense, but a combination and collaboration of both that and other practical avenues that relate to a desired course or subject matter. For that reason, I’ve always admired one thing about schooling outside the shores of Nigeria, in either Europe or Asia, and that is the attention to practical learning. They take the time and effort to make you apply what you read in books and write in classrooms, and this project is a testament to that.
In association with the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, a project called “DESIGN IN REAL ENVIRONMENT” started by the School of Design gave birth to this Beautiful piece of Furniture.
The Aree Table, as it has been dubbed, is entirely handcrafted, affirming the aim of the programme to merge craftsmen and designers. In collaboration with an interior design and furniture company, Armarion, Verdan Erceg, a design student, was able to craft his vision using Ash wood and artificial stone Kerrock to attain his desired quality and aesthetic. Thankfully, this approach and choice materials, gives the product a high price value, much to the pleasure to Mr. Erceg I’m sure. Two versions of the design made the final cut, one being an office table with elegant hanging drawers as well as a dining table.

Its form and resultant texture are enough to make it a desirous Item, then couple that with material choices and you have a high end product that any discerning customer would gladly purchase. All of this from the mind of a design student, who’s idea found the right opportunity and plaform to become reality. I look forward to seeing such endeavours at home in Nigeria, not necessarily with government involvement, but stemming from the educational institutions, who need to marry Tradition with innovation and create similar opportunities for students with Ideas, similar to Mr. Erceg. Well done Verdan, A+.

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