Galway Hotel Paris Concept by Architect Taras Kashko Features a Black Perforated Metal Facade.

A creative approach to massing defines this contemporary hotel concept in Paris by Ukranian Architect Taras Kashko.

His ‘Galway Hotel’ is a conceptual 25 key lodge with lounge, bar and ground floor retail opportunities which is intended to “create a spatially rich experience for guests, as well as creating a building with passive lighting and cooling infrastructure”.



What impresses me most about the concept is how the architect was able to cleverly sculpt the mass of the structure to blend seamlessly with the geometry of the neighbouring buildings and fit effortlessly into the existing environment and context while still obviously standing out thanks to the striking facade of black perforated metal paneling.

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Its a well balanced idea that embraces modernity while paying homage to its traditional and historical environment.

[via designboom]

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