Medi Terraces: Distinctive 4-Bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Inkline Design Studio

  • Designer: Inkline Design Studio
  • Developer: Zeldainq
  • Project Title: Medi Terrace
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Rubys Polaroid
  • Location: Lagos Nigeria

Row houses are quickly gaining popularity among individuals seeking a balance between the warmth of a single-family home and the convenience of city living. Inkline Design Studio has positively contributed to the growth of this trend by introducing 4-bedroom row houses – The Medi Terraces into the bustling and thriving scape of Gbagada.

Fit into a 1050 sqm piece of land, Medi Terraces contains five dwelling units, three identical, giving the façade design a distinct look. The exterior of the two-storey building is a product of a combination of neutral colours, massing and texture. This allowed the 4-bedroom row houses to fit into the context of the neighbourhood in Gbagada. However, to make the structure stand out, the designer’s subtly but consistently introduced pops of yellow.

4-Bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Inkline Design Studio

Inkline Design Studio created the spaces within the Medi Terraces to be simple and minimal while boldly using pieces of artwork and furniture to give depth and soften the atmosphere. The artwork is seen to visually guide you down the hallway to the rest of the house from the living area. It’s also used to decorate the living room and the bedroom.

We believe that architectural intervention can promote better living, by providing solutions that strikes a balance with artistic and aesthetic inspirations.

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Living room in 4-Bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Inkline Design Studio
Hallway in 4-Bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Inkline Design Studio

A striking feature of this design is the consistent infusion of yellow, evident not only on the exterior but also in key rooms within each unit. From the single tufted sofas in the living room to the cabinetry system in the kitchen and the metal doors by the stairway, the use of yellow becomes a character-defining element that ties the design together.

Aside from the artwork, there is a notable infusion of the locality and culture through the extensive use of dark wood for pieces of furniture like the tv console, the side tables, the ceiling soffit in the hallway, the blinds, and the bedframe in the bedroom. This was also done through the kind of artwork used to decorate the spaces.

4-Bedroom Row Houses In Lagos By Inkline Design Studio

The incorporation of local aesthetics, combined with meticulous attention to design details, positions these 4-bedroom row houses by Inkline Design Studio as a distinctive and culturally resonant addition to the Gbagada neighborhood, offering a unique living experience.

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