Top Tips for Bringing the Spa to Your Bathroom

If you like nothing more than a little pamper session to lift your spirits, you should think about turning a room in your home into a dedicated spa room. What is more suited than a bathroom? Designed for steam, damp, and everything fragrant, here are some of our top tips to make you feel like you are in the classiest of spas.

Update the Walls

A custom mosaic tile is an amazing way to transform the walls of your bathroom. Even if you are only covering one part of the room, it will undoubtedly make it look sophisticated and elegant at all times of the day. It might also be slightly cheaper for you to just switch the walls out instead of paying for a complete refit and a new suite.

Luxurious Bathrooms in the Courtyard House by Ming Architects

If you would like some amazing mosaic tile to make your bathroom feel like a spa, the company Unique Building Concepts have some design inspiration that will help you to see what look you could achieve. They have a stunning collection of custom tiles too, so if you like what you see you could order it there and then.

Wood and Marble Wall treatments for Bathrooms

Add Some Plants

Whether you just want some plastic greenery or you are going to actually place some plants around the tub, a little nature can be just what you need to help you feel completely at ease as you relax. Choose plants which are well-suited to damp conditions and you can easily create your own little rainforest for you to relax in.

Get a Scented Diffuser

A diffuser is a subtle way to add fragrance to a room. This could be especially useful in a room like a bathroom which can either smell musty or clinical depending on how many cleaning products you use. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the diffuser to make it smell all the nicer. You could also add some to your cleaning products – or make your own natural ones!

Stock Up on Spa Treats

Whether it is facemasks, body scrubs, or lotions, you should make sure that you have a great selection you can choose from at all times. When you are ready for a little spa action, all you then need to do is reach into your cupboard of goodies and throw together your own set of treatments.

There are also many amazing DIY alternatives if you cannot afford to splash out on cosmetic and beauty items each month. You can put together a facemask using the ingredients you would usually find in your kitchen. It will have all the same benefits as one you would find in a shop and it is also completely natural! If you are worried about the chemicals you are putting on your skin, mixing together your own natural facemasks and treatments might be just what you need.

If you cannot afford spa trips as often as you like, you can very easily transform your bathroom into a spa on the cheap. Whether you are bringing in plants or mixing up your own beautifying concoction, the spa and relaxation are never too far away. Try some of these tips for yourself today!

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