The Joy of Terracotta by Konjo House

African Pottery is considered to be one of the oldest forms of human art on the continent. 

With archaeology being one of my majors during my early college days, a field trip to an archaeological site called Kpone Seduase a small township on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana sparked my interest in pottery, specifically clay technology and its usefulness.

Pieces of broken pots made of clay material have been dated to have existed for over 100 years in this archaeological site, further excavations and studies performed in this area by the Department of Archaeology of the University of Ghana narrate the culture, tradition, and craftsmanship of early settlers in this area.

The Shai Hills Wildlife Reserve is not exempt as the forest reserve features the early settlement of the southerners of Ghana specifically the Ga-Adangbe people. A cultural trek into the forest reveals pieces of broken clay pots noted to be made of Terracotta. This has provided evidence of the earliest human settlement and civilization of the people of Dodowa, Dawhenya, Doryumu, Kpone and Prampram.

Aside from the cultural and historical background of Terracotta, its striking beauty, and uniqueness holds a stagnant space in interior design and landscape architecture. Appearing in different shapes, textures, forms, and colours, its usefulness is diverse. Planters, Decorative Vases, and Kitchenware made with terracotta have an appealing aesthetic when finished or glazed.

Konjo House is a design studio based in Accra, Ghana. We offer services in Interior and Product Design (Spaces, Artifacts, and Décor). Terracotta is one of the first Artefact projects we worked on, and we were contracted to design 120 terracotta pots for a petroleum research centre. Designs from this project attracted architects and building contractors working on interior and landscape projects and by December 2022, orders peaked during this season.

Varying heights and shapes of Terracotta pots by Konjo House.

Our Terracotta pots are made by ceramists who hold a minimum of 10-year experience in pottery making. Clay for making these pots is sourced from Vume in the Volta region of Ghana. The clay goes through a moulding process of kneading, balling, centering, pulling, opening and holing before finally firing in a kiln made of bricks.

The joy of Terracotta is always seen on the faces of our clients. It’s always the fanciness of its shapes, textures, colour tones, and beauty when used for planting and decoration. If you would like to know more about our work feel free to send us an email at

You may also request to see our new portfolio on Terracotta below.

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