The Collective Housing Atlas Makes Researching Housing Precedents Easy

As you know by now, I personally, am very passionate about housing. From its design, to construction to function, I’m enthralled by every aspect of it.

Housing takes many forms depending on its desired function or target demographic and requires both skill and knowledge to effectively implement. As such, good research is key achieving this goal.


One tool that makes this task much more enjoyable and ultimately easier is the Collective Housing Atlas, an online library of housing projects organised into categories.


The atlas was launched back in 2013 and allows users search within the categories of block typology, tower block typology or typology of dwelling, and then refine their search by selecting from subcategories such as shape, depth and circulation. With a click of a button, you can create lists including all U-shaped buildings, building with courtyard orientation or buildings featuring two-story units. Once you find a project that suits your needs, all of that project’s categories are displayed, making bouncing around between different categories with an end result in mind a simple task. Their mission as they describe it is

“not to highlight new architectural works, but [to make accessible] a list of previously selected buildings in a fast and visual way.”

Its guaranteed to be a useful tool in designing new housing projects of virtually any layout or configuration. Check it out.

collective-housing-atlas-3 collective-housing-atlas-2

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