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T Bar’s Greened Out Interior in Panama by Dos G Architects

T.Bar is a fast food restaurant in Panama that focuses on natural healthy food, and to reflect that dos G architects designed an interior filled with so much plant life and greenery that it feels like you’re dining in a park.

When creating the space, the designers were inspired by the inner courtyards that are so common in the old quarters of Europe and as such created green walls filled with moss and lichen as the the central theme of space.

To further emphasize the design idea they created a concrete plant pots with mid-sized trees that double as small dining tables. The use of concrete extends to the walls and floors which are finished with polished concrete.

t-bar_01dos-g-architects t-bar_02dos-g-architects t-bar_03dos-g-architects t-bar_04dos-g-architects t-bar_05dos-g-architects t-bar_06dos-g-architects


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