7 Cool Tips for Turning Your Basement Into a Full Bedroom


If you’re lucky enough to have a big basement uncluttered by old junk, you can easily turn it into a brand new bedroom, man cave, game room, and any other functional space, with the help of a few pieces of decoration and good taste.

Here are 7 tips to guide you through the process and make sure the results are everything you wanted. We guarantee you won’t recognize the old space anymore and you’ll make great new memories in a cool, redesigned room.

Check out the structure

Before bringing your hammer and starting demolishing walls, make sure your home’s structure is powerful enough to support the do-over. You might want to hire a contractor or architect to at least evaluate the space and take care of potential problems you might have with leaking pipes, old plumbing, mold, rotten wood, and bad floors.

Once you fixed all these structural problems and you know for sure your house won’t fall apart, it’s high time you started the transformation process.


The first thing you need to do is properly insulate the place to keep it warm and quiet. Many American houses tend to have thin walls and floors, which means you’ll hear every step made on the ground floor.

Invest in quality insulation and even sound-proof materials, especially if you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, listen to loud music whenever you want, or, even more, test a complete kit of drums while improving your playing skills.

Have an emergency escape route

It’s mandatory to have an escape route in case anything happens with the upper levels of your house, so consider adding a door that takes you directly outside or installing some large upper windows.

Windows also ensure natural lighting and make spaces look bigger and more open, perfect for turning it into a full bedroom or playroom.

Make the most with what you already have

Unless you’re keen on spending up to $80,000 for refurbishing and redesigning the basement, learn to work with what you already have. Leave the pipes and the beams exposed or the ceiling unfinished for a touch of an industrial, modern style.

Optionally, you can paint the pipes in a vibrant red or copper color, while the beams and the rest of the ceiling remain in a dark shade that will create an intimate, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere. Unfinished ceilings can also add height to a space, apart from making it look modern.

Stick to a style

Unless you want your bedroom to look overcrowded and as if it was decorated over 20 years, stick to a unitary design and theme. In other words, choose pieces of furniture that complement together and are from the same style – rustic, modern, minimalistic, shabby chic, baroque, Victorian, or eclectic.

Designed by OKHA, this Bedroom in the Clifton Terraces in South Africa features a modern aesthetic.

Consider the new space a white canvas that allows you to do whatever you want with it, as long as the final result is coherent and brings something from your personality.

Choose proper lighting

If your basement doesn’t benefit from natural lighting or the one that comes in isn’t enough to make the space look bright and breathable, you need to focus on the type of lights you add to the new bedroom.

Pendant Bedside Lights are a great feature for any bedroom, much like this Bedroom in South Africa by ARRCC.

Ceiling spots are always a good choice, as well as bright lamps, and additional decorative ones. Although yellow light looks more comfortable and welcoming, it can also darken the place unnecessarily. We suggest you stick to bright white light and add mirrors to the walls as part of the decor to attract and distribute additional light.

Painting the walls white, off-white, or any other light shade will also help the place look brighter and more spacious.

Go for luxury

If you can afford to turn your basement into a brand new bedroom, you can also spare a couple of thousand dollars for a luxurious bed and a comfortable mattress. Whether you, your kids or guests will be spending the night in this new establishment, getting good rest is mandatory.

A luxurious bedroom in Lagos, Nigeria by Essential Interiors. You can see more of this project here.

You can easily achieve a bedroom retreat and a resort-like style by adding a canopy on top of your bed and a fitted bed skirt and luxurious pillows. Keep the sheets of good quality too but if you cannot afford silk, organic cotton is the second-best choice to allow your skin to breathe properly and prevent your body from overheating and sweating.

Finally, don’t forget about a bed desk where you can store your clothes, other personal items, or simply enjoy a few moments of full relaxation after you get off the bed. Make sure the desk matches the rest of your bedroom decor and style. On the contrary, if you want the place to look astonishing, you can opt for a luxurious bench complete with metallic or golden legs and leather tapestry in lush colors.

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