Before And After – A Modern House Renovation In Capetown, South Africa

  • Developer: Curación Properties
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Location: Capetown, South Africa

Curación Properties, a real estate development company in South Africa, embarked on a modern house renovation in Capetown, South Africa. According to them, the house was redone to improve the occupants’ way of life, combining a love for nature with modern elegance.

Residential renovations although quite tedious can be very fulfilling projects to embark on especially when it’s thoroughly and wholesomely done. This was the case with this project as Curacion properties took time to elevate the quality of living through this modern house renovation in Capetown. Some of the already furnished spaces were re-done and the empty spaces served as boundless canvases for a cohesive interior design to be created.

Entrance to the Buitenkant House with a motorcycle by the door

One of such spaces, is the pool area. As seen from the images shared on their instagram page, the pool area was previously an empty paved backyard. It was converted into an elevated pool area with an outdoor seating area.

The flip of the bathroom and living room in this modern house renovation in Capetown is also noteworthy. Although the flow of functions were generally retained, the textures and styling of the furnitures and fixtures were updated making the spaces deeper with more character.

Modern living room with a fireplace
Modern bathroom with dark cabinetry and granite counters
Modern bathroom with dark cabinetry and granite counters
Black granite in a bathroom

The design also featured an infusion of nature and greenery by introducing indoor plants in the different spaces within the house. It was also taken further by visually connecting the indoors with the outdoors. This was especially seen in the dining area where the furniture was arranged to take advantage of the scenic window where an indoor garden was created.

Black dining set with indoor plant by window
Dining area with big window

In summary, Curación Properties’ modern house renovation in Capetown beautifully combines nature-inspired design with modern elegance, elevating the occupants’ quality of life. Through meticulous renovations, including the transformation of the pool area and the thoughtful integration of indoor plants, the house now offers a harmonious and inviting living space.

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