These DIY Woven Yarn Wall Hangings Will Add texture and Style to Your Space

Walls can be one of the most interesting spaces to decorate as they offer good coverage to express your creativity. From creating an accent wall with a bold colour, to creating a beautiful gallery wall, there’s so much we can do on them.

However, lots of space becomes an issue when we run out of ideas of what to do with them. In this case, we’re left with a blank wall and a big question mark. Sometimes, it’s not a blank wall. You just want to exhaust all ideas and ensure you’re creating the best look and setting the right mood. One way to do so is to use a beautifully crafted woven yarn wall hanging.

Woven wall hangings are very textured, even more so, when they start becoming chunkier and combine different types of weaves. They soften a room and give it a unique look. You also get to play with colours – something neutral or something colourful. They are great alternatives to the usual wall painted arts and they can also be used together. You can purchase one of your choice, but doing it yourself offers you the chance to create something very personal. Check out these three stunning DIY projects we’ve shared for your choosing.

1. Chunky and richly textured Woven Wall Hanging

I saw this earlier this year and fell instantly in love (Love at first sight kinda things ? ?). A Beautiful Mess created this lovely woven wall hanging featuring large chunky weaves combined with smaller weaves. The combination of the large weaves and the smaller ones gave the wall hanging a beautiful textured and fluffy look, which perfectly softens the space. Follow the steps here to create your very own chunky and textured yarn weave.

Image credit : A Beautiful Mess.

2. Quirky and Tassle-cool Woven Wall Hanging

I absolutely love this quirky and tassled wall hanging by Honestly WTF. It’s tapered shape and layered tassles makes it an instant hit on any wall. It has so much character! Another reason we love this DIY is that it was done with a wooden frame instead of a loom. Also, the wooden stick used to hang the weave infuses some rustic charm. Find out how it’s done here.

Image credit : Honestly WTF.

3. Delicately Layered Woven Wall Hanging

As seen on Mollie Makes, Alex Dao creates this beautiful and delicate woven wall hanging by combining a woven upper section with layers of tassles in varying shades of blues. Like I mentioned earlier, you can play with colours – something blue ? , something neutral or something colourful. This Labour of love gives you the opportunity to be creative and personal. See how Alex Dao created it here.

Image credit : Mollie Makes.

Which direction will you go, the chunky, the quirky or the delicate? Let us know with a comment below. For other wall decoration ideas, you can fix your blank wall with a DIY Tassle Wall Hanger or style your wall with a pocket-friendly DIY framed fabric art. Also check out 4 inexpensive and stylish ways to transform your walls.

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