DIY: Fix Your Blank Wall With A DIY Tassle Wall Hanging!

When it comes to decoration, I’ve come to realize that our mind is our greatest asset. It goes beyond being able to walk into a nice interior shop and pick items that you think will be perfect for your project; there are other directions you can take, and DIY is one of it. Nothing says personal and original like a good DIY decor project. Its unique and personal look adds more personality to the space creating more richness and diversity. I fell in love with this tassel yarn wall hanging from Design love fest, once I saw it. It is a good fix to a stubborn blank wall; you know, that wall that you just don’t know what to do with, as all other ideas seem to have failed. I think its really pretty, artistic and rich. Have a look.


Greenpoint wedding


yarn If you love this decor item, and you want to create it, see the full tutorial at Design Love Fest. Enjoy!

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