All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature

Discover This Modern All-White Kitchen Fit Out In Lagos By Rome Signature

  • Designer: Rome Signature
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Mujib Ojeifo
  • Location: Nigeria

Lagos-based interior designer, Rome Signature, has crafted a modern all-white kitchen fit-out for a residence in Lagos, showcasing a refined aesthetic with a de-emphasized color scheme that integrates black fixtures and fittings seamlessly.

The modern all-white kitchen occupies a rectangular space, designed with an L-shaped layout and an incorporated island. The floor-to-ceiling cabinetry dominates the space, featuring a predominantly white palette that includes both base cabinets and upper closed and open cabinets, creating a cohesive and visually appealing design.

View of All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature

The space is equipped with a range of appliances to meet modern culinary needs, including a double-door refrigerator, built-in microwave and oven, extractor, built-in gas cooker, and a washing machine. These appliances seamlessly blend into the white backdrop, contributing to the kitchen’s sleek and uniform appearance.

The lighting design in this kitchen is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Cool three-in-one recessed ceiling lights provide general illumination throughout the space. Inner strip lighting is embedded inside and under the upper shelving, adding a subtle touch and creating a warm ambiance. Additionally, three spherical drop-down lights are centered above the island, serving as focal points and providing focused lighting for specific tasks.

White Carrara, a classic and timeless choice, was employed for the walls, floor, and countertops. This choice not only contributes to the kitchen’s all-white theme but also exudes a sense of luxury and sophistication. The use of white Carrara as a unifying element ties the various design components together seamlessly.

All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature
All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature
All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature
All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature
All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature
All-White Kitchen By Rome Signature

In terms of functionality, the cabinetry is thoughtfully accessorized to enhance efficiency. The inclusion of a pull-out bin, pull-out pantry, and a drawer dish rack demonstrates a commitment to practicality and organization, allowing for a clutter-free and streamlined cooking space in the all-white kitchen.

The modern all-white kitchen not only reflects a modern and minimalist design philosophy but also prioritizes efficiency and practicality in its layout and features. The result is a space that not only captivates with its visual appeal but also caters to the diverse needs of a modern kitchen.

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