Before And After: A Classy Minimalist Bedroom Renovation By Olivehaus Interiors

  • Designer: Olivehaus Interiors
  • Project Type: Residential
  • Project Status: Completed
  • Photography: Toby Oremuyiwa
  • Location: Nigeria

Olivehaus Interior designed and fitted a meticulous minimalist bedroom renovation project that included both the sleeping area and the walk-in closet. The outcome is a harmonious space that effortlessly pleases both the eyes and the mind.

The minimalist bedroom renovation employs a balanced color scheme, creating a sense of luxury and tranquility suitable for a restful setting. The furniture, characterized by gentle curves and rounded edges, promotes an overall feeling of comfort in the room.

Minimalist Bedroom Renovation By Olivehaus Interiors

The layout is straightforward, with a centrally positioned bedframe flanked by two windows, complemented by grey nightstands featuring desk lamps. Above the headboard, a frameless minimal line art adds a touch of sophistication with minimal color and ornamentation.

The color palette within the bed area transitions subtly, starting with an off-white bedframe and progressing to a light grey bedbench, juxtaposed with a floating dark grey console. The room gradually transitions to darker tones as the gaze moves beyond the bed area.

On one side of the room, Olivehaus has arranged a cozy cluster with velvet conversation seats, a simple side table, and framed pastel wall art, creating an inviting space within the broader bedroom context.

Conversation seats in minimalist bedroom renovation by Olivehaus Interiors.

In a strategic reconfiguration, the walk-in closet now occupies a designated nook, optimizing space utilization. Additionally, a dresser area has been added, featuring a console setup with a full-length mirror and a tufted ottoman stool matching the bedframe’s shade and material

In this minimalist bedroom renovation, Olivehaus Interior successfully achieved a balanced and visually pleasing space. The design choices, including a thoughtfully selected color palette, comfortable furniture arrangements, and strategic placement of functional elements like the walk-in closet and dresser area, contribute to a harmonious and versatile environment.

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